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Rachel and Lambert fell in love in a whirlwind romance on the tropical Philippine Islands.  They quickly got married and began building their lives together in the U.S.  Not long afterwards, Rachel became pregnant and gave birth to their first son.  Yet, despite their love and growing family, they were faced with the threat of separation when the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services doubted the genuineness of their marriage as Lambert applied for his permanent residency.  Uncertain of their future together, Rachel and Lambert sought the help of Attorney Desiree Dominguez.  With the help of Attorney Dominguez, Rachel and Lambert were able to prepare a stronger application for Lambert's permanent residency.  After only one week of the application's submission, Lambert received an approval for his permanent residency!  Rachel and Lambert currently reside in the U.S. with their, now, family of four!


Legal status obtained for undocumented immigrant*

Annabelle^ was lured to the United States by the hope of a better life.  Unable to find a job and help support her two young children, Annabelle left her home country for the U.S. to become a domestic helper for an affluent couple living in an upscale home.  Little did she know that this home would become her prison and the affluent couple her wardens.  Upon entering the home, they took her passport and legal documents.  They forbade her from communicating with the outside.  Every day she was forced to work from 5 a.m. until midnight, as they berated and cursed her.  She was in the U.S. illegally, and they never let her forget it.  They threatened to have her and her family abroad arrested if she ever tried to escape.  "You're here illegally.  There is nowhere you can go," they taunted.  For years she lived in fear, believing she was trapped in the home.  She felt destitute and hopeless.  Finally, she could take it no longer.  As the couple slept, she sneaked out of the home and into the night.  Although she broke out of her prison, she still was not free.  She had no passport, no legal documents, and she was here illegally.  She met someone who led her to the Desiree Dominguez Immigration Law Office.  Attorney Dominguez obtained legal status for her so she could come out of the shadows and find hope in the American dream.


^The name and identifying details have been altered to protect the identity of this client.

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Attorney Desiree Dominguez is a blessing to those who are in need of help when it comes to immigration needs. She has helped me and my wife and educated us about how to handle our situation. She smoothly did our paperwork, and she will be accompanying us to our interview in a few days. Instead of me being worried about it, I am actually excited because I know she will back me up. The best thing about her services is that her rates are very affordable and budget friendly. Other lawyers charge $5000-$7000 to do the services that she does, but trust me, her rates are way lower than that.


- C.Y., Former client 2012

* A particular result cannot be guaranteed in any individual case.  This testimonial or endorsement does not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome or your legal matter.

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